2020 Pandemic Wedding Sale!

Were your wedding plans ruined by the corona virus?

Well we want to make your special day happen this year!

We are offering a 50 person wedding package that has all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the price of a regular wedding!

July, August, september or october

$840 HST$990 HST$690 HST
$840 Grat.$990 Grat.$690 Grat.
$7,279.99 ALL IN$ 8,579.99 ALL IN$5,979.99 ALL IN
*Prices subject to change

November or December

$750 HST$855 HST$540 HST
$750 Grat.$855 Grat.$540 Grat.
$6,499.99 ALL IN$7,409.99 ALL IN$4,679.99 ALL IN
*Prices subject to change

Monday – Thursday Weddings will include free appetizers!

Call or email for all the info!