Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding at Hatfield Farm


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Horseback Riding

Enjoy our many horseback riding options offered at Hatfield Farm. Head out along our woodland trails and enjoy the peaceful outdoors on one of our multi-level trail rides. Attend one of our riding classes and learn the ropes of basic horseback riding & care. Or introduce your kids to the wonderful world of horses on one of our pony rides.

Trail Rides

* Trail rides will return May 1, 2018
Even if you haven’t ridden before, we’ll have you in the saddle and on the trail at a pace you feel comfortable with in no time. We have horses to suit all shapes and sizes of riders and for all experience levels too. The minimum age for trail rides is 8 years old, however, children of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy our pony rides.

Weekend Trail Ride: $49.00 +HST / per person

Weekend Family or Group of 4 or more: $45.00 +HST / per person

Weekday Ride (Monday-Friday not private): $65.00 + HST / per person (minimum 2 riders)

Private  Ride (4:40pm ONLY): $65.00 + HST / per person (minimum 2 riders)

Head out along our woodland trails at a pace you feel comfortable with. Enjoy the peaceful outdoors on horseback. Riders must be 8 years old and over, with the exception of pony rides, which are available to all ages.

Trail Rides 5 times daily…






  • Available 7 days a week. Reservations are required.
  • Private trail rides (minimum of 2 people) are available at 4:40 PM ONLY

For information about Reservations, Payments and Cancellations please read our policies.

Pony Rides

Tenderfoot Pony Ride: Prices listed below…

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the delight of riding in a comfortable setting. We have ponies and horses of various sizes to suit any child. November 1st -July 1st  Pony Rides Available on a “Come by Chance” basis. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

5  Minute $8.70 +HST / per person
10 Minute $17.40 +HST / per person
30 Minute $40.00 +HST
60 Minute $74.00 +HST

For younger children and those who are new to riding, we recommend this 5 minute ride on the farm as well as visit to our Petting Zoo, as a super summer treat.

Cowpoke Pony Ride: $40.00 +HST / ½hr.

Add 30 minutes of pony rides to any of our other activities or adventures.



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